Optimistic updates for better UX

If we have enough data and can guess what the server response will be, we can update our cache (and our UI at the same time) with fake data while the server is still working. Then, when the server responds, we can update the cache with the real data.

const customMutation = useMutation(fn, {
    onMutate: (variables) => {
        const prevCache = queryClient.getQueryData(["valuesKey"]);
        const optimisticItemToAdd = {
            // optimistic data here
        queryClient.setQueryData(["valuesKey"], (prevValues) =>
        //return rollback funtion to prevent item appear and delete flickering
        return () => queryClient.setQueryData(["valuesKey"], prevCache);
    onSuccess: (data, variables, rollBack) => {
        //first delete optimistic item, then add actual fetched item
        queryClient.setQueryData(["valuesKey"], (oldValues) => [...oldValues, data]);
    onSettled: (data, variables) => {
    //return to old state in case of error
    onError: (error, variables, rollBack) => rollBack()